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Ben specializes in providing entertainment at corporate functions,  product launches, parties, weddings, cocktail parties, festivals, theme parks and casinos.

From close-up roving magic to large shows and all things in between, Ben is the expert entertainer you need to add prestige to your event!

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Advance to Trafalgar Square

I went down to London and had a look around. It was amazing seeing all the history and how the Monopoly board was invented.

I couldn't find GO but I nearly went directly to jail. Apparently I matched the description of a shoplifter, so they questioned  me. Then I made him pose for a photo.

I then caught up with some Kiwi friends from Australia who now live in London.

Even after having just come from the Blackpool Convention, after seeing over 200 magic dealers in 3 massive rooms, I soon got bored walking around London and made my way to a magic shop...yeah I know.

I bought an unusual book there called 'Secrets Of Improvisational Magic' by Justin Higham. It's a great book about being not confined by your routines, and approaching magic the way a jazz musician approaches music. By being in the moment and not being attached to any particular outcome, if you have a large enough skill-set, you can take it anywhere it wants to go. Interesting stuff.

I also bought 'Art and Artifice' by Jim Steinmeyer, of whom I am a big fan (who isn't?). It was a fascinating book which I read on the plane back home. I could not turn each page fast enough. Athough it deals with some exposure I would recommend it to magicians and non-magicians alike (controversial). I only say this because you could not come out of a book like that without gaining an incredible amount of respect for the art of magic, even though you may be slightly the wiser.  This is as opposed to exposure such as the 'masked magician' program which cheapens and degrades both the viewer and the subject matter.

My favorite chapters were 5 & 6, where Jim pieces together the final bits of the puzzle and solves the mystery of Charles Morritt's vanishing donkey. Absolutely fascinating detective work.

As well as being a proficient author and historian of magic, Jim is probably more known for creating illusions for the likes of Doug Henning and David Copperfield etc. Here he is performing one of his creations...Brilliant.