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Blackpool International Gala Show

In this post I will talk about the Sunday night International Gala show. It was mental.

Imagine the largest theatre stage in Europe packed to the rafters with over 3000 people. All of them eager to see some of the best magic acts in the world.

There is a feeling you get when you know you are seeing the best in the world at something, no matter what that 'something' is. I would easily put magic up against any other art form when it is performed at this level.

I do a lot of roving magic, which means I constantly have to approach fresh groups of people and perform for them. Every now and then someone will try and shut me down before I start, by saying that they don't like magic. It is not their fault. It's just that most people have not been exposed to any good magic.

They have only seen their uncle or some lame friends card tricks or the masked magician on tv, and they pass judgement on an entire art form because of this? It's like seeing a drunk guy on a street corner trying to play a broken guitar, and then trying to tell me that you don't like music. I mean seriously.


Jonathon Hawley and Co. from the UK closed the show with some big illusions. They brought the house down with this one.

These next guys were so good, what a great act. I think they opened the second half and were probably my favourite act of the night. God damn they were good. Comedy and skill perfectly combined and such strong characters. Roy Gartner and James. Enjoy!

The ventriloquist Jimmy Tamley absolutely killed. The pants fell off the vent dummy accidently, which was hilarious, and he improvised brilliantly.

Dimmares act was fantastic, one of the best zombie ball routine I have ever seen. He pulled off some pretty ballsy (thanks) moves and executed them perfectly. A true showman.

Xavier Tapias’s act was very powerful.

By the curtain call after 3 hours of brilliant entertainment, there was a fountain on the stage.

Awesome. We weren't allowed to take photos but I took one anyway.