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Rehearsals at Magnet Studios

Had the first day of rehearsals at Magnet Studios  in Coburg North with my director Karen Berger. It is a great cheap rehearsal space designed for band practice.

Karen was my movement/acting teacher when I studied at Melbourne Polytechnic. She studied at the famous Le Coq school in France. She is a genius.

At Le Coq they would train their first year wearing a full mask, the second year a half mask and their third year a clown nose. It is interesting that a clown nose can be such a badge of honour. The reason for the mask is to make them  communicate with their whole body, and not rely on their facial expressions. Fascinating stuff.



The show is really coming together. It is,  by far , the best thing I have ever created. I am so excited to perform it.

I travelled to see my other director, the Great Ross Skiffington,  two weeks ago in Sassafaron.  He really helped shape the direction of the act and discovered many brilliant things. He also used his expert magic knowledge to solve some technical  problems I couldn't fathom.

Anyway, these are Karen's director notes from today (Spoilers). 


Sssh! It's a secret!