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Ben specializes in providing entertainment at corporate functions,  product launches, parties, weddings, cocktail parties, festivals, theme parks and casinos.

From close-up roving magic to large shows and all things in between, Ben is the expert entertainer you need to add prestige to your event!

You can relax in knowing that your guests are being treated to something truly amazing and that your event will be remembered as a success... Ben will make you look good and you will get the thanks!

July Updates

So...anyway... I have been so busy these past few months that I have been amiss with my blog posts. Lots of things have been happening so I will try to summarize a few things...

Sylvester the Jester Lecture & Show

You have to love an act where the catchphrase is "Back to normal!"

Sylvester the Jester is no ordinary act.  He is a human cartoon, his eyes bulge out, steam shoots out of his ears, his tongue rolls down and pretty much anything else a Warner Bros cartoon character can do.

The act was great and very 'out there'.

Sylvester lectured at the Australian Society of Magicians. I loved the lecture. He taught the 'Sylvester Pitch', as well as  some of his other creations. He preached the virtues of creativity, saying that he has been travelling the world for the past 20 years was  due to the originality of his act.

It was while discussing his theory on human perception that his lecture really came into its own. I love that kind of stuff. He claimed magic to be the 'primordial sludge' from which all artforms and sciences have emerged. Possibly even the magic wand could be symbolic of the ancient fire stick, that gave the wielder the magical power of transformation... Cool.

Simon Coronel : Manipulations

I also caught Simon Coronel's 'Manipulations' at the Kitty club as part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival. It was his Comedy Festival debut and a thoroughly enjoyable show. The 60 minute running time flew past as Simon dazzled the crowd with a mixture of highly visual and deceptive close-up/parlour magic, all held together with the delightful premise of letting the audience in on the secret. They left having been very entertained and none the wiser.

FISM Oceania

I entered the very first FISM Oceania. It was a great experience and an incredible adrenaline rush. The act ran well and it was a fantastic crowd and a lovely old theatre. The best part for me was the feedback from the judges the next day, I learnt alot about what it is that they look for in a FISM act. No first or second prizes were awarded but Enzo Ficco received the third prize. Congratulations to him.


For those who don't know I perform at Club Kilsyth(9761 4233) every Tuesday, Club Ringwood (98798733) every Wednesday and The Retreat Hotel (9380 4090) in Brunswick every Thursday and Friday. I also perform on the Lady Cutler Showboat (9499 9371) once a month. I am working on a ton of new material, so hit me up if you see me at one of  these gigs, and I'll show you something cool.